KALABANG (SHIPPING ONLY- do not use for local pick up)




Kalabang was has a good flavor and it was super spicy. I bought one jar to try, Love it and now in the process of ordering a bigger order. I love it that I’m able to freeze it and eat it later too!!

Houa Yang

Loving Kalabang! It’s made my life so much easier since I love peppers with my meal but I’m too lazy to smash them. Taste great too!

Padao Yang

I got both, red and green but I think green is my fave because green peppers have that good smell to them, which is still present in Kalabang. They are both delicious! Smells and tastes like freshly smashed pepper. I eat it straight out of the jar. My kids and hubby love it! It's delicious! The easiest way to have fresh pepper at work. I will be ordering more when my supply is out.

Sarah Souvannadeth

I love how small it is blended! I bought both Spice is good and favor, it doesn’t give you the freezer taste , taste fresh! I like to add a little fish sauce also. Otherwise I WOULD buy again! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! 

Cherie Lee

Love this pepper! It's made perfectly so you can add a few things to it or eat it as it is. If you need an easy solution without growing your own pepper its so convient! Also a big thanks for picking me as your giveaway winner!

Nkauj Ib Vang

Eating one of my cookies n cream ice cream as I write this review . lol the pepper is bomb and the ice cream is good ! Even tho my order was somewhat complicated , Vicky had no problem giving me what I want. Service plus delivery service is awesome ! Jerry was apologizing for delaying my order to me when it was my fault because I was the one who wasn't home ! Lol they're sweethearts. Will be buying more in the future ! Its super convenient to have when youre lazy ! Im glad I purchased it !

Elaine Vang

When you're lazy to grind up your peppers for BBQ or no time to make the pepper, this is very convenience. Easy to just dip it away....

Im'ma Yang

The pepper wasss soooooo good! Taste very fresh like you smash it yourself. Its really spicy. Its so convenient, I literally scoop out a spoon and use it as dipping.

Sandy Xg

I love the green one it is spicy and sooo helpful when your in a rush to eat or don’t have time to make the pepper

Missyyoua Xiong